Architects & Designers

In 2010, when Maurizio Cossutti and his Team was called to design the first IY 10.98 project, in collaboration with Franco Corazza’s visionary creativity, they created a unique object, a mix of sportiness and tradition wrapped in a balance that still continues to be sought after in the markets of all the world. For us, every new project represents a challenge to which Italia Yachts associates the biggest names in naval architecture and design made in Italy

Emanuele Pillon
Naval Architects
Kristjan Macchiut
Yachts Designer
Maurizio Cossutti
Architects Yachts Designer
Matteo Polli
Yachts Designer
Alessandro Ganz
Naval Engineer
Mirko Arbore
Interior Designer
Tommaso Spadolini
Architects & Designer

La nostra mission: costruire barche veloci, eleganti e sicure con un design intramontabile.