A quality that goes far beyond beautiful lines

The build of each hull of every model is solid, stiff and safe and the design ensures a light weight and high performance. Hull and deck are light and structurally rigid due to the sandwich construction of biaxial and unidirectional glass mats impregnated with vinylester resin. High load areas of the hull are laid with extra depth of laminate for strength.

Inside, a steel or carbon structural frame forms a closed loop glued and laminated to the hull to distribute keel, mast and rigging loads evenly. All deck equipment has reinforcing plates inserted into the hull to take the load. The deck is bonded to the hull with structural adhesive and laminated internally. As a result of this design/build philosophy we have created a truly rigid yacht.

Highest quality components

– Sandwich construction
– Use of highest quality materials
– Vinylester resin used throughout the hull
– Hull and deck bonded with structural adhesive and laminated
– Structural bulkheads are bonded to the hull
– Structural frame with carbon reinforcements spreads mast and rigging load.

First class build characteristics

– Structural reinforcement of keel bolt areas
– Hull centre line from bow to stern is monolithic i.e. fully laminated E glass for extra strength in place of the PVC core.
– Nitronic rod rigging as standard.
– All stanchions bonded directly to the hull.
– Lead torpedo & highly efficient laminar flow profile keel.

The new yard in San Giorgio di Nogaro

In 2016, Italia Yachts opened its new assembly plant one hour’s drive from Venice at San Giorgio di Nogaro. It has extended production capacity by a further 40 units a year adding to the 20 boats capacity at the Chioggia (Venice) shipyard.

The new facility encompasses specialist carpentry, bodywork, rigging, testing and design departments. Direct access to the sea enables customer test and familiarisation sails. Clients now have the option of sailing their new yachts away direct from the production facility.


Our mission: to build fast,
elegant and safe boats with timeless design.

The yard

Discover our assembly plant in Chioggia
and the new yard in San Giorgio di Nogaro